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Etang du Puits


The ideal site for relaxation


The birth of the pond


"L’Etang du Puits" was drilled in 1864 by engineer Charles Machart to serve as a reservoir for "Canal de la Sauldre". Powered by him, provides him the pond water when the channel level is not high enough for navigation.


Classified ornithological site since 1965, this pond is now a wintering grounds for birds because its reed bed is conducive to host ecological niches for many birds. 174 species were counted in 1960 of which 125 are protected nationally since the Act of July 10, 1976.

In 2003, after the discovery of a leak in the dam, major efforts are underway and the pond is dried up. He has returned to its original area in 2008.




A pond appreciated by the people


With its 180 hectares, the Etang du Puits is the largest lake of the Sologne.

It is a natural site where you can practice different water sports (water skiing, pedal boating, swimming, etc.). And of course carp fishing.

What is the value of this vast herd is not so much carp but the quality of the landscape with wooded parts to these shores.





The legend of the Etang du Puits


For a long time the boatmen and sailors came to celebrate August 15 at the pond of the Well, and flirting with the legend of the fish Nicolas.

Sacred beautiful piece that giant pike, so old that claimed that a clump of willow pushed him on the head !

Unfortunately, in 1986, during a dewatering of the pond, he had to face the obvious. It reaped much 22 tonnes of fish, but Nicolas was absent ...





What to do in the Etang du Puits ?


Fishing is the main recreational exercise. In summer, you can practice water skiing, pedal boating, windsurfing. A beach volleyball court awaits. (Cerdon side of Loiret)

Swimming is supervised in July and August from 14h to 19h


So go there now !