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Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that combines meat, spices and oatmeal to create a rich and fantastic tasting meal. Those who are yet to sample the dish are sometimes put off by a full description of its contents and history, but nevertheless, its delicious. There is nothing better than authentic Scottish Haggis, served with "neeps n tatties" (turnips and potatoes). Take the leap of faith and you will be pleasantly surprised !

Why is Haggis served during Scottish festivals ?

Although Haggis is not always on the menu in Scotland, it is served for many events throughout the year. Around the world, the Burns Supper honours the life and work of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. What had originally started as a friends way to honour the memory of Scotland’s national bard a few years after his death, is now a popular tradition celebrated every year on January 25th by millions of people worldwide.

At a Burns Supper, it is customary to play the bagpipes, to pay tribute to the haggis in a speech and of course, to toast the Haggis.

Naturally, no Burns Supper would be complete without haggis and whisky, or without music, songs and dance, and especially without the laughter and friendly banter that is part and parcel of such celebrations. As a result, Haggis is served on most festive occasions in Scotland. "