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Menetou-Salon wines


Menetou-Salon is an ancient vineyard according to the old writings concerning the châtellenie. We find acts from the years 1063, 1097 and 1100 in which the Lord of Menetou gave different properties to various religious orders. Most notably, he gave the vineyards located in Clos de Davet to the famous abbey of St-Sulpice-Lès-Bourges.

The history of Menetou-Salon is intimately linked with Jacques Coeur, Steward of the Royal Expenditures and Banker of the Court of King Charles VII. Jacques Coeur acquired the seigniory of Menetou-Salon in 1450 and writings of the day relate how the wines of Menetou-Salon graced his table.

It’s said that Agnes Sorel, the king’s favourite, would come to Menetou-Salon to rest under the ancient lime wood ; trees (still standing near the castle today) and enjoy the wine of Close de la Dame.

The first wine producers’ syndicate was established as early as 1890. In the 1970’s, wine production was given new impetus and today vineyards cover an area of around 465 hectares .


This vineyard covers 465 hectares of hills and is planted on sedimentary limestone soils dating back to the upper Jurassic period.

The appellation extends into 10 villages :
Menetou-Salon, Aubinges, Morogues, Parassy, Pigny, Quantilly, Saint-Céols, Soulangis, Vignoux-sous-les-Aix and Humbligny


White wines

The white wines are fresh and fruity, with a slight spiciness and muskiness.
They have aromas of citrus fruits and flowers. On the palate, they reveal hints of pepper and mint, are well rounded and full bodied with a long finish. These wines are best served with warm starters or with fish dishes.

Red wines

The red wines are supple and perfumed, ruby coloured wines. They have aromas of ripe fruits,
with notes of cherry and plum particularly dominant. On the palate, they demonstrate a great richness and round off with flavours of candied fruits.
These full bodied, refined red wines are ideal served with game, such as pheasant and partridge.

Rosé wines

The rosé wines are elegant and subtle in character and are ideal for summer drinking with grilled meats or salads.