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Pouilly-Fumé wines


The vineyard of Pouilly Fumé seems to be present for the first time from the Vth Century with the name of “Pauliacum super fluvium ligerim”. It developed thanks to the religious congregations in particular the “Benedictins”.

On one of the slopes which overhang the Loire, a piece of approximately 4 hectares preserved the name of “Loge aux Moines”. The end of Xlth Century saw a great number of local lords leaving to finance their crusade, to sell their goods : thus the stronghold of Pouilly was yielded to the “Benedictins” of La Charité for the sum of “3 100 pennies and a marc of money”.

In XIIth Century, the wine of Pouilly is already very famous. A French tale entitled “the battle of the wines” praises the best wines of France and in particular those of Pouilly, which enjoy already, at that time, of a good reputation.

Since XVIth century, the transport of the wines was carried out by the Loire, in spite of the difficulties caused by the freezing or the rout of the ices, the risings or low waters.

The opening of the channel of Briare, in 1642, resolutely directed the trade towards Paris.

About 1860-1862, the grape of table, dispatched out of baskets towards the capital, offered an important market. The production of grape of table of Fontainebleau, and the espaliers of Thomery having become insufficient to supply the Markets of Paris, the agents turned to a vineyard, already producing to chasselas, and which more is, served by the railroad (arrived at Pouilly in 1861).

After the phylloxera crisis, the delimitation of the surface of production is carried out in 1929. The vintages of Pouilly found their notoriety passed, and their quality will be ratified by obtaining two AOC in 1937 : Pouilly sur Loire for the grape-variety chasselas Blanc Fumé of Pouilly or Pouilly Fumé for the grape-variety sauvignon.


Between Burgundy and Berry, the vineyard of Pouilly stretches over 1,245 ha on the right bank of the Loire.

We can distinguish on the vineyard’s area 4 different types of soils :

  • Limestones of Villers of Oxfordien (caillottes)
  • Marls with small oysters of Kimméridgien (Terres blanches)
  • Limestones of Barrois of Portlandien (caillottes)
  • Clay-flints of the Cretacé (Flint)

The appellation area extends over the villages of Garchy, Mesves sur Loire, Pouilly sur Loire, St Andelain, St Laurent, St Martin sur Nohain, Tracy sur Loire in the department of the Nièvre.


On common aromas from notes which go vegetable to mineral, while passing by the floral and the fruit, the wines resulting from this grape variety present an extreme variety of shade, which express the facets of the soils and the know-how of the wine growers. Pouilly Fumé, generally, is drinking in the 6 to 18 months which follow their harvest, as long as they have their flavours of youth ; some “cuvees” have the beautiful, or even excellent potentials of guard.


The wines of Pouilly Fumé are pleasant with aperitif and can be typically match with Chavignol cheese. They are also perfect with grilled or roasted sea fishes, scallops and lobsters.

Pouilly sur Loire wines are easy to drink with interesting differences according to the soils. To taste with salad or a fried fish of Loire.