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Argent sur Sauldre


Nicolas the pike haunts the pond Well, while the Abbot Moreux scrutinizes the stars ... And if you were a small boat ride on the canal before visiting the castle houses the Museum of Crafts ...



Argent sur Sauldre was established early in the thirteenth century by the lords of Seuly to link their possessions to those of Sully and "Les Aix" and "La Chapelle".At that time, Argent with Clemont form with a separate manor belonging to William of Seuly and within the County of Sancerre.In 1401, Mary Seuly carried her into the house of Albret by her marriage to Charles d’Albret. In the mid-fifteenth century, the manor place in the house of Nevers.By 1597, Argent is sold by the lords of Jean de Nevers Vetus, councilor of the Parliament of Bretagne.






In the eighteenth century it was acquired by Nicolas Dupre De Saint Maur, intendant of Guyenne and Berry. He considered the reconstruction of the castle by the architect Victor Louis but do not realize. Only the outbuildings were built at that time. The park was probably designed by the Orléans Duhamel du Monceau.




The land became the property of Argent Philippe Montbel by his marriage with the great-granddaughter of the Quartermaster General.