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Sauldre & Sologne



A Templar was there once ... Any takers treasures ! Visit the castle of scents, whose background is sometimes disturbed by the witches of Concressault, coming in close !



Only municipality in the canton to be exclusively in "Pays Fort", Blancafort door in the second part of its name a reference to membership. The first part evokes the white, that of the marl, which made her life until the early twentieth century.


Marl allowed to amend the land Sologne, it was extracted on the town and the "Canal de la Sauldre" used to convey starts here, making Blancafort the first village on the route, along the 47 kilometers to Lamotte-Beuvron .








"Canal de la Sauldre"


Napoleon III, interested in the Sologne, where he had few ties the mother’s side, decided to clean up and improve the land by making spreading marl extracted in the quarries of Blancafort. He reduced the length of the original route of the "Canal de la Sauldre and started work in 1852.

"L’étang du Puits", a huge water reserve of 180 hectares, was created to regulate the locks. The work spread out from 1852 to 1859. In 1869, 30 km of canal were completed and in 1873 it reached Lamotte-Beuvron with a total length of 47 km.




The Lordship


The village from its type and its location, is probably an ancient feudal town. It was the site of a manor dating from the early ages of feudalism and which fell within the Argent. Many Lords are known, such as Robert de Blancafort in 1029, Garnier in 1064, Godefroy and his son ... In the seventeenth century, perhaps under the Godefroy, the Commandery is based at the Hospital of Ash.


In 1780 a fire destroyed almost the entire village. A century later, the town experienced its first economic boom with the construction of the canal and the arrival of the railway.