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Sauldre & Sologne



City of fishing, the kingdom of fish and fishing paradise !



There was a time when there were fifteen Clémont cafes, many grocery stores. If the cars have now replaced the horses, Clémont has retained the atmosphere of this bygone era. The town has preserved many picturesque streets full of attractions : half-timbered houses in the fifteenth century harmonizes nicely with the constructions of the nineteenth century in which the brick is the main material.





City of fishing and resting place


Small village of 670 souls crossed by rivers and "la Sauldre" and "le Canal de la Sauldre" on the edge of "Etang du Puits", Clémont prides itself as a "city of the fishery."


Previously, it was a stopping place and rest at night for the herds that were driven to fairs Aubigny or returning to go to Paris. Its low houses with wood sides Solognote typically give an incomparable charm, in a peaceful setting in which to live.