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Ivoy le Pré


Birthplace of Nicolas Leblanc. Ivoy le Pre passes through the gap of the great giant whose origin remains a mystery : the subject of a legend and a subject of controversy for historians ...





The powerful families


The presence of powerful families in the territory of Ivoy explains its development and first Sully, who are in the eleventh and thirteenth century, the lords. In 1217, the center gathers Ivoy then surrounded by fortifications and buildings grouped around a church, which has been amended repeatedly.


Then in the seventeenth century, the family Olier de Verneuil illustrated a descendant named François. It organizes the metal and install the first ironworks of the Little Sauldre, at a place called "La Forge" and "La Verrerie d’Ivoy".




"La Forge"


"La Forge" is experiencing periods of growth and decline.

Leonce Louis Melchior de Vogue, and local industrial sponsor, bought at auction all the factories and forges Ivoy dependencies to the stockbroker Gallot, which went bankrupt.

He modernized the facilities but the deposits are depleted quickly and the production site is transferred. The furnace is shut down in 1864. At "La Forge", the activity of ironmaking and the large iron is maintained until 1900.