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Sauldre & Sologne

Sainte Montaine


At the Belle Fontaine, the miraculous water emerges from the depths of the earth.

A pilgrimage in a bucolic idyll.





The Lordship

In the thirteenth century, the area belongs to the lord Raoul, Knight of Sainte Montaine, died before 1218, and his son, Robert and Gerard. In the eighteenth century, the fief returned to the prior of La Charité sur Loire, which sells it to Mr. Dupre de Saint Maur, steward of Berry, already Lord of Argent, and Clémont and Brinon. Up to 1830 remain near the church the "auditoire" in which the Lord dispenses justice.In the country where the cultivated area are minor, without industrial or commercial resources, hunting is a land of choices. Many of the properties established in the forests, moors and near ponds.



Local tradition says that the first name of the village is "Saint Firmin des Bois", probably due to the dedication of a fountain in the saint. Miracles and the worship of Sainte Montaine lead change of the name, probably made ​​in the twelfth century.