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Tuesday 13 September 2011, by Admin

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A crossroads of well-being in the Centre region


The Sologne is characterized by wooded areas interlaced streams and ponds.This generates a feeling of greenery eternal freshness. Very sandy soil leaves no room for culture. The fauna and flora abound. Hikers take a lot of fun throughout the year at around the paths in the hope of meeting one day a deer in the middle of the heather abundant.

In summer, the fishermen who exercise their passion waiting patiently for a carp to bite. Autumn leaves room for hunters and mushroom pickers.


There really is something for everyone in Sologne !



Sologne, natural area


This is not a province but a natural area of sand which covered "let in the water" and clay which the "hold".


It is covered over nearly 500,000 hectares of heathland, skinny pine and birch and thousands of ponds. It covers three departments (Cher, Loiret, Loir et Cher). It is a land barren and infertile, which was very poor in previous centuries (17, 18 and 19th) where we were starving and where the average life of no more than 25 years.


With Napoleon III, the Sologne was irrigated and planted with pine trees to dry, he built the Canal de la Sauldre. Following him, pretty pink brick castles were built.

In the early 20th, the Sologne became famous for his hunting and monoculture moved and developed around this activity.

Now she faces a choice between developing a nature tourism and environmental protection, see the creation of a park or remain a huge set of private property closed.

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