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Reuilly wines

Tuesday 23 April 2013, by Admin


The origins of the Reuilly vineyards can be traced back to the early 7th century. Dagobert I, King of the Franks, gave Reuilly - its pastures, fields and vines - as a gift to the Abbey of St-Denis. The Reuilly vineyards supplied wines to the medieval towns of Bourges and Vierzon and were transported along the tributaries of the Cher to the Loire and shipped as far as England and Flanders. In 1365, the Duke of Berry, son of the King of France, issued a charter governing wine production in Reuilly.

This charter fixed the dates of harvesting and established a levy on all wines sold.At the end of the 19th century, at a time when vineyards were being replanted after the devastation caused by phylloxera, the first producers’ syndicates were set up.

After the lull of the following years, winemaking in the region underwent a new revival in the 1980’s.


Situated in the heart of the Berry, the Reuilly vineyard stretches over 186 hectares from the banks of the river Arnon to the river Cher.

The vines are raised along moderately steep chalky-marly slopes and on high sandy-gravelly terraces.

The appellation extends over seven villages :
Reuilly, Diou, Lazenay, Chéry, Lury, Cerbois and Preuilly


White wines : The white wines of Reuilly are fresh and fruity, with floral and vegetal aromas.
They are best enjoyed with seafood and fish dishes.


Red wines : The reds are full-bodied, velvety and light. They are the ideal accompaniment to fish or poultry dishes.


Rosé wines : These are pale and delicately flavoured wines. They are perfect served with Chinese or Thai food.

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