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Brinon sur Sauldre

Monday 12 September 2011, by Admin

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Mystery and magic of the forests.The hiking trails let you discover the beautiful landscapes of Sologne.

But beware !At night, disturbing creatures out of their dens ...




The first traces of human settlement dating from the Paleolithic and Neolithic.The "tumuli" are evidence of occupation at the age of iron. 

In 25 BC, when Gaul was divided into four provinces, the Sauldre was at the town of Brinon, the boundary between Gaule Lyonnaise and Aquitaine.


In the ninth century a fortified castle dominates the Sauldre.


It is from the thirteenth century the lords and monks undertake the clearing of the region to promote the establishment of populations.






The Hundred Years War


The Civil War, the Hundred Years War, as well as epidemics and poverty strongly feel the village.

The presence of the King and his court to Blois (Chambord), the economic recovery but the religious wars again crush the Sologne. Brinon on Sauldre is deserted.

The Revolution brought a new balance of taxes and Lordships disappear. The new owners are involved.

In the late nineteenth century Brinon changing. The half-timbered houses turn into bricks.

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